Real property management offers full service property management at very competitive prices. We are often priced well below our competitors.

Standard leasing and management Fees are:
Management Fees: 8% of the rent collected
Leasing Fees: 1/3 of one month’s rent for a new lease
Renewal Fees: $150 for a lease renewal

Other common costs:
Repair Costs: Cost + 10% for supplies, materials, and contracted jobs
Labor Costs: In house labor is $18 per hour
Marketing Fees: $200 per month while the home is vacant.

Legal Fees and be incurred in times where it’s necessary to proceed with the eviction process. These fees vary depending on how far into the process it’s necessary to go. We outsource most legal processes to an experienced company to keeps these fees as low as possible.

About US

RPMG, Inc. was established in 2003 and manages a portfolio of hundreds of properties across the metro Atlanta area. We offer quality rental home and great customer service. We also offer professional property management solutions to owners and very competitive rates.