Anyone can shop for a house, but the finding the perfect home for you, or for an investment takes tremendous time and effort. A real estate broker/agent is the person with the information, tools, and skills to find what you are looking for. Brokers/agents possess deep knowledge of the market, closing procedures, and real estate laws that are valuable to any home buyer or seller.

Agents/Brokers are bound to ethical standards of the state licensing board. This is important to keep in mind. His or her reputation and livelihood is at risk on every deal.

The sheer paperwork involved with a real estate transaction and be overwhelming. Agents/Brokers have the experience and expertise to manage all the paperwork necessary for the purchase and sale of a home.

No matter how good of a negotiator you are, it is always better to have a 3rd party to deliver the terms. Experts negotiators advise that you to always let the agent take the heat in difficult negotiations. This is true for governments, car dealerships, and when buying & selling a home. Agents can deliver you terms in an unemotional manner and keep the negotiations moving forward.

About US

RPMG, Inc. was established in 2003 and manages a portfolio of hundreds of properties across the metro Atlanta area. We offer quality rental home and great customer service. We also offer professional property management solutions to owners and very competitive rates.